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QtPhone is a cross-platform telephone emulation application designed to be used with a PC, speakers, microphone, V.92 voice modem and a standard phone line. Features include Caller Identification and Voice Mail.

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QtPhone will have the following features:

Telephone, Speakerphone Capabilities
Voice Mail, Caller Identification
Wireless Headset/Handset Capabilities
Supports V.92 Full Duplex Voice Modems,
Voice Activation, Security Features
Linux, Windows, MAC Versions
Embedded Linux Version

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The development will be broken into phases:

Phase I - V.92 Full Duplex Voice
Phase II - Telephone/Speakerphone Emulation
Phase III - Voice Mail
Phase IV - Caller Identification
Phase V - Security Features

Phase VI - Wireless Headset/Handset
Phase VII - Voice Activation
Phase VIII - Embedded Linux Telephone
Phase IX - Windows Version
Phase X - Mac Version

Resources: Sound | Modem | V.92 Full Duplex Voice

Robert J. Liguori, Project Manager/Lead Developer
Tomaz Urbaniak, Co-Lead Developer

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